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Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
The only place I've bought anything on the 'net is e-bay.  I did a search for a few things I want to buy and they came up on Amazon.  Just wondering if anyone has used Amazon?  Are they trustworthy?  Do the goods purchases arrive as described?  Do they take long to send over?  Any other tips and advice?


Tiger Legend
Sep 27, 2004
Amazon are the doyen of online stores. They are completely reliable and will replace lost goods without any hassle at all. Of course you pay a bit extra for the service.

Tigers of Old

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Jul 26, 2004
IanG said:
They are completely reliable and will replace lost goods without any hassle at all.

Agree Ian their service is fantastic.
I ordered 8 (expensive) books through them earlier this year and the package was lost in transit.
They sent a replacement order almost immediately after I reported it missing, no questions asked.

Of course I will use them again and again from here on..excellent company.


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
Thanks for the votes of confidence fellas. I've just placed my virgin Amazon order. The shipping is very reasonable at $30 for 5 items. Now I'll be counting sleeps till my parcel arrives in early August.

I mainly ordered books too.

Beautiful Losers-Leonard Cohen
Book of Mercy-Leonard Cohen
Road Mangler Deluxe-Phil Kaufman
Hickory Wind: The Life and Times of Gram Parsons-Ben Fong-Torres
And Songbird-Emmylou Harris- A special boxed set of 4 cds and 2 hardback books

I'm excited. :D


Tiger Legend
Nov 25, 2003
This place is ussually better value(and less postage) for future reference.Although their range isn't as extensive.


Mar 1, 2015
Really looking forward to this series. ... I wonder how much we'll give away?
I must say I find Amazon Prime pretty good value as far as streaming services go.

Amazon's AFL series: Title, release date revealed for seven-part doco -


Tiger Legend
Jun 4, 2006
The Coniglio one could be interesting given the internal ructions at GWS and that Coniglio was the first captain to be dropped since the natives knocked Cook on the head.