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Animal game

the golden

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Nov 20, 2004
in the gold
the way this works is you take the last letter in the animal name in the last post to write a new animal name eg bird and you might choose to write dog as the next animal and so on ;D

first animal is

Eastern and southern Africa
Habitat: Arid, open plains, savannas
Terrestrial Biomes: savanna or grassland .

Physical Description
9 to 14 kg; avg. 0.01 kg
(19.8 to 30.8 lbs; avg. 0.02 lbs)

Aardwolves have a yellow/brown coat with several vertical black stripes. They resemble striped hyenas superficially, but their dentition is different. On the aardwolf's back is a strip of long dark hairs, which form an erectile mane that makes the aardwolf look bigger. Head and body length is 550-800mm and tail length ranges from 200-300mm. Shoulder height is 450-500mm. When attacked, an aardwolf raises the crest on its back, takes up a sideways stance to the attacker and emits a strong unpleasant odor from its anal glands.$narrative.html