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Ansett Grand Final Poster 1974


Tiger Cub
Nov 20, 2012
My brother was born on Grand Final day 1974 thus my father couldn't use the ticket he had for the match. For many years there was a framed Ansett poster from the Grand Final hanging in our house. Unfortunately it got damaged. I thought it would be a great idea to buy him another for Christmas but the only one I have been able to find was auctioned a year or so ago. Does anyone know where I might be able to get one??


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
Welcome to PRE African. :)

Saw a 1974 one here. Not sure if it's a current auction though.

c1974 travel poster "1974 V.F.L. Grand Final Richmond - North Melb., Ansett Airlines of Australia, the sportsmens airline", colour process lithograph, printed by Canberra Press, 97x69cm. Condition A-.