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Davis calls for Dyer state funeral

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Mr T.

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Aug 11, 2007
By Robert Grant August 24

AUSTRALIAN football great Bob Davis has called for a state funeral for AFL legend Jack Dyer, who died today.

And former Collingwood skipper Lou Richards believes a statue should be erected to honour the Richmond champion.

Richards, Davis and Dyer made up the Seven Network's famous football triumvirate, which paved the way for today's television shows.

Davis' suggestion has a precedent in the death of Footscray's favourite son Ted Whitten, who was accorded a state funeral after he died in 1995.

A bronze statue of Whitten also greets visitors to the Western Oval, home of the Bulldogs.

Davis, All-Australian captain in 1958 and former Geelong premiership player and coach, said Dyer deserved the same tribute as Whitten.

"I think if Ted Whitten got a state funeral, I think that Jack Dyer should get one, to be truthful," Davis told Triple M radio.

Richards backed up Davis's comments, urging a proper memorial for the footballing great.

"What they should do for Jack, the Richmond Football Club and the Richmond council (is) put a statue there for him somewhere in a prominent position in Richmond," Richards said.

"They did that for Ted Whitten. Jack, let's be honest about it, is just as famous as Ted Whitten and did just as much. And I love Ted too."

Davis said Richmond Football Club should be congratulated for recently making Dyer an "immortal".

"As far as I'm concerned Jack should be an immortal of the AFL," Davis said.

"There are two - Louis Richards and Jack Dyer - they are the two that kept VFL/AFL going for all their lives and they will go on forever.

"It's a very sad day, but for anyone who is a football supporter, and a true football supporter, Jack Dyer truly must have been one of their heroes."

Dyer, Richards and Davis pioneered football panel shows on television in Melbourne. Davis described their famous League Teams on Thursday nights as "probably the most laid back show that there's ever been".

"We were supposed to go on at 10.30pm - if we got there at 29 minutes past it would be a miracle," he said.

"We'd just sit down and talk - I don't think we even got the teams up most of the time, to be truthful," he said.

"All you (media) gentlemen who are working there today in lovely, comfortable circumstances ... you all have to say prayers tonight for Jack Dyer because he was the one who got you all started.

"There wouldn't have been people in the publicity if it hadn't been for Jackie and Lou," he said.
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