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Mr T.

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Aug 11, 2007
Heading back to Melboune for a few weeks , my step father passed Sunday- fureral Thursday and my aunt has been rushed to the alfred hospital today . Get in late Wednesday . Long trip from Nata Botswana and had a late gig at Pelican lodge Sunday -Monday 5am kombi to Francistown ( 4 Hours )bus to Gaborone (7 hours ). Today Bus to Johannesburg. 7hours at airport now . Then fight to Perth and flight to Melbourne .
the good news is I get to see the Mighty Tigers for the first time since April last year when last I was in Australia . Have tickets for Collingwood and Cats games .
Also will be guesting on 3pbs flight 107 to Africa radio show at 3pm Sunday 29th of July if you want to listen in..
Condolences. Safe Travels.


Hope springs infernal
Mar 29, 2014
You had some hot weather there td, or has it been south of you?
The super hot 40+ was in the south, the most we had was 37. Nights it typically cools which is a benefit of being near the mountains.
It was a stinker week though...can you imagine 45?


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Sep 8, 2014
Nata , Botswana
Condolences. Safe Travels.
Thanks so much , that an old post from Last year , Was a busy trip lost my Grandfather to when I was there so furnerals and helping my mum etc ,. Got to the Geelong game which we just won . I miss the footy . However dont miss Melbourne's winters . And Botswana is an amazing p[lace live in Nata which is in the tourist area lots of Elephants , Zebras , Giraffes , Ostrich and more not far from town and we are building a guest house on the amazing nata river ( no crocks in this river ) so you guys are welcome to visit .I have been a regular on this site since around 2003 ( orginal name SMP or Soulmanpete ) made lots of friends here . And PRE is a huge part of my life since moving to Botswana in 2016 its the one of the first things I check after waking up . Keeps me up to date with Footy , Cricket and all things Aussie .
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