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Tiger Legend
Aug 11, 2010
The movie about Franco Cozzo called palazzo di Cozzo is coming out this week.
For all of us who lived through all the “Norta Melbourne, Brunsawick and Footascray” ads it will be an interesting watch.
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The Big Richo

Staff member
Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
Nitram on Stan, a biopic of Martin Bryant.

Gut churningly hard to watch but gives a bit of an insight into why he ended up the way he did. I hadn't realised the full extent of his intellectual disability and long history of dysfunctional and predatorial behaviour.

The portrayal of our gun laws at that time is also chilling.

One can only hope the system has improved enough that someone like him wouldn't slip through the cracks ever again.


something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
I watched it. For those that haven’t watched it it doesn’t focus on the massacre itself but the lead in years (it stops as he’s about to begin the shoootings). It’s very well done, understated.

I don’t know why people get all righteous about this topic, have you never watched a movie about Hitler, never watched a doco on 9/11, read a book about an atrocity?
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