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New board


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Mar 27, 2003
I had a thought that our annual voting is a great reference of RFC history that was lost in the depths of thee Dyer Tribe board. After discussion with Panthera I've now merged and moved the voting related threads for easier reference on this dedicated board.

Our player of the year thread for 2014 will still be stickied on Dyer Tribe for easy access and maximum participation. It will be moved to this board at the end of the year.

Panthera has kindly offered to run our PREmier Tiger awards again his year. The information in them and the player analysis is a real feature of PRE. A brilliant effort and greatly appreciated by all.

While I'm at it a reminder for everyone to keep in mind that it's a massive help for Panthera if we can provide match reports for him. Please keep it in mind and offer to do a review of a game throughout the season. Many hands make light work. :)