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New Captain

Who should be our next Captain

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Tiger Legend
Dec 8, 2004
Vlaustin suffers from anxiety a fair bit, not sure the captaincy suits that.
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It's been a very hard working from home
Staff member
May 4, 2004
Grimes is running a business, which has taken a very large amount of space in his head. As a vice captain, I think that's manageable. As a Full time Captain, I'm not sure if its too much on his plate.
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Tiger Rookie
Mar 31, 2014
If Prestia could stay on the park i think he'd be a good choice, does the hard running defensively and kicks goals at crucial times, 19 PF & 20 GF spring to mind.


Tiger Superstar
Aug 20, 2005
My Grimes/Dusty co-captain option isn’t there. Grimes media. Dusty does dusty. If just one then I went with Grimes. Both of them are pretty durable too.

Agree with other posters

Edwards - probably my number three choice. Would be 7th AFL aboriginal captain and our first
Vlaustin - anger pills is a big issue at his age
Graham - consistency - think you want your captain to bring top 10 most weeks
Bakes - still a Larrikin - may be hard to take seriously
Jack R - not enough years left
Lynch - maybe too serious - almost opposite of bakes
George - why isn’t he listed?
Prestia - needs to be on the park.
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Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
Warming to the idea of Lambert.

No co-captains please. Nor a 10 man leadership group.
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Tiger Champion
Oct 1, 2013
Im yet to decide who i want although voted for Graham as i think he has been groomed for the role.

Surprised Shorty hasnt been spoken of as from memory Dimma when asked a few years back named shorty as a potential candidate...


Mar 1, 2015
Hi @Bones17 ..... don't know if you can... but if in fact you can..... please make Kane Lambert an option so I may cast a vote.
No way am I calling him a toasted sandwich! :(


Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
From what little I have heard the press seem to be pumping Dusty's tyres as next captain. The best players don't necessarily make the best captains and Dusty's personality doesn't seem to be right for captaincy. He can and often does lead on the field largely by example but captaincy is more than that. Someone like Grimes would be a better bet for me