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Tiger Cub
Mar 15, 2014
hey all, been reading this forum for a while but thought I'd register so i could post. I've been reading PuntRoadEnd for a good year now, always check on it at least once a day. For the longest time if any of my mates were complaining about their football team I'd say, try barracking for Richmond, more often than not it would end the conversation. We've been the butt of jokes, negativity etc for too long. Now i feel is the turn of the tide, i love the Tigers, always have, always will. It's been quite the ride and now it's time to enjoy some serious momentum. I'm a fan living abroad in the USA. Go Tigers 2014!! P.S. Hope that wasn't too much BS :)


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
Thanks for the introduction. Welcome to PRE. Here's hoping the Tiges give us all plenty of positives to talk about this year. :)


Baby Knighters is on board.
Aug 21, 2007
Welcome aboard SUSaHD. I think most of us watch from the sidelines for a while before we dive in. There are quite a few internationals myself included so happy posting, see you round the boards!