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No going back now!


Walks softly carries a big stick.
Jul 13, 2003
Just when I was starting to get comfortable with the format, some bastard comes along n turns everything upside down n back to front n confuses the *smile* out of me.:mad::eek:
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Shovelheads- Keeping hipsters off Harley's
Jul 13, 2005
Richmond Victoria
Love the quick reply option, like the like button, will take some getting used too as does any change

Well done MrT, seems the forum is in very good hands
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get the BBQ going
Feb 12, 2005
South of the Border
Just in case this helps anyone. I needed to get into my account preferences and update my time zone. This corrected all of the "last updated" time stamps etc.
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Mr T.

Staff member
Aug 11, 2007
Note that the migration of permissions and labels need to be corrected... the setup allows certain users more access based on their number of messages.

This will be reviewed over the next few weeks... need to get my head around how to best implement this.

So please be patient with me, and also use the form if something is not working.