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Richmond open doors to Gold Coast, relocates to Punt Rd!


Mar 1, 2015
Was thinking what if the states all close down interstate travel, how could we play out the season?

Had an idea! ..... All clubs relocate to Melbourne!

Accommodation. ... no problem, lot's of empty hotels I imagine. Surely there's enough room to bring the families too.

Training facilities. ... this is where we need to start doing a bit of lateral thinking!

Every Melbourne based team gets to billet another club!
Just like hot desks in offices, we call it hot lockers!
Training is alternate days or mornings and arvos etc.
Hotels used for team meetings etc.

To get the numbers right we'll have to move the cats up the highway to the big smoke..... take your mind to the place where the news is delivered to Chris Scott:rotfl1

Let's begin with us..... it's a no brainer..... Gold Coast moves in at Punt Rd. (Tho it would be more fun to host adelaide!)
It's a win win.... we get to see our next batch of kids first hand and they get to see their future! The ex tigers can lead the way.

Heaps of options/reasons and prior relationships for other combinations...... anyone else wanna have a crack?

I know this sounds ridiculous and I'm doing it in jest as we need to still have a chuckle about stuff when we can!:)
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