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Richmond v Melbourne Aug 3


"I can feel Tigermania flowing through my veins"
Jan 9, 2005
Am taking my 2 boys down to Melbourne for their first MCG experience.

I want to give them the best Tiger experience possible. Can anyone tell me or recommend the best area to be?

I assume being an away game the cheer squad will be at the Ponsford Stand end, as opposed to the Punt Rd End?

But will the majority of the Tiger faithful follow the cheer squad or do they remain at the Punt Rd End?

Any form of help much appreciated!

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Though it’s a Dees home game Mopsy, the majority of Tiges will be at the Punt road end, plus Hotham will be full of Dees supporters by then. So if you don’t book seats you’ll be fine getting a seat in the GSS, however it would be probably on level 4, I’d try an book seats at ground level in the GSS , that will be the best way to enjoy the atmosphere

If you can I’d try and get the boys down to Punt road oval during the day, have a photo with Jacks statue, the players usually walk over from PRO to the G about 2 hours before the game so the boys might be able to say g’day .

The London tavern is always a great part of Richmond game day culture too , for the over 18s of course
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