The I ❤️ Collingwood thread.


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Aug 19, 2008
Laughter of the AFL. Daddy Long Legs with his 1 sock up 1 sock down look twiddling that stupid little finger was nothing but a one hit wonder that night.
I can agree, but that result in the 2018 PF still causes me heartache. But i am stoic.

we’ve recovered from that unlikely if not unforeseen result would in 2018, with the first remedy being the Colliwobbles losing the 2018 GF and capitulating at the vinegar stroke once again this year when they should have mowed down GWS when the whizz kids were hitting the wall in this year’s PF.

But thanks Pies, to the extent you may have softened the plastic AFL toy boys, well done.

However, once we dispensed with the Cats, it was irrelevant whether we played the Pies or the Giants.

Pies supporters acknowledge that, while being glad to have got to a PF when they landed unexpectedly in the final four, having lost that one to the Giants, the Giants supporters suffered the experience others would dread.

The AFL lovechild GWS was in a GF. What a great media store, especially for the sycophantic media who have their snouts either in the trough or the orrifice of the Gestapo.

Redemption for AFL strategy and their fluid policy (whatever it takes, we will make it up on the run, after all, whom are we accountable to). We’ve got the new age stars in the GF. Pity that hiccup with having to sideline Toby for a week. But let’s see how we can look after GWS. We will manipulate the media leading into the big dance. No, no, no, of course you kids and snorters can publicly espouse your intent to act unlawfully and target Tigers in the GF. Well it’s not as if the best three tree frogs will be out there.

So, we as the AFL only can, it’s all set, the AFL set their strategy and method with the objective, everybody loves a winner, so long as it ain’t Richmond. They’re upstarts, they’re dangerous to the good order of football, and jeez after such a long period of mediocrity, he’ll we need to deal with the wounded or sleeping Tiger.

That’s why the whiners are yelping.

The GF was boys against men.

Who would have thought that?

This situation is unacceptable.

Richmond need to be cauterized!
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Jun 29, 2006
The 2018 pre lim loss hurt at the time but l reckon we will be looking back at it as the catalyst to multiple premierships and sustained period of Tiger dominance (assuming of course the AFL does not continue to change the rules to stop us)

2017 premiership happened because the players realised they were good enough
2018 put the steel into them to go overcome the injury run and make them the new super power
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Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
Port & Bernie yeah 2018 PF loss hurts me too when i think about but had we played the Pies in this years GF and given them a touch up it some of that pain would be gone.

But this thread is gaining momentum somewhat.

Love it.

We were the joke of the town for over 3 decades, now we are kings of the jungle.
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Richmond has a better list.
Apr 26, 2004
Where's Figgy in all of this? Oh yeah, maybe he's headed to the US to talk to the sporting teams.
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Oct 8, 2004
They are tighter than a goldfishes arse with their cap.

Eddie will be feverishly trying to line up under the table side deals for his boys.

Cox being rated too highly after the Prelim is delicious. Yep another unnecessary crush on their cap.

Mayne's contract another.

Adams, Elliot and Treloar have'nt likely re signed for unders you wouldnt think, and bringing back Beams has so far been a disaster with him not playing and taking up cap space that would be best used to keep De Goey, Moore, The Punter, Pendles and Grundy.

Both Grundy and De Goey chasing 7 year deals also which understandably the Pies wont want to agree to, as ruckman age faster and lose their dominance earlier than other positions (see Goldstein, Jacobs and Stef Martin), and De Goey hasn't exactly had a recent injury history that would have a club leaping to consign themselves to 7 years of probably a million a year to a bloke that might/might not end up with chronic soft tissue problems.

This stuff up might end up costing them a player from their top 5 or 6.

Maybe the Maggots shouldve let Elliot go, they cant keep everyone.

We had our leaders take pay cuts and then Tommy signed for unders what the Maggots were putting up for him.

One thing about Cox and being American, he won’t hold back if they do off load him.

Whistle Blower. He will spill not just beans
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Jul 13, 2003
He is takin a pay cut and the Crows will have to fork the rest i would say as he is on big $.

Has stated he is willing to play for $200 dollars(sorry $200k).
But still no one is interested. Bloody will enjoy Jenkins lurking in the magoos on $600k a year for the Crows. Just about as funny as it gets in football. Unless of course we go back to back, 'coz that'll be hysterical.
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