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University Research Project Survey: Transgender Inclusion in Footbal

Mr T.

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Aug 11, 2007
This is a research study being conducted by a student at the University of South Australia, and I am posting for him here to see if you would be interested in participating in his short survey. His project has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee Ethics Protocol 203610.

His research topic is exploring transgender inclusion in the AFL and Cricket Australia. This entails analysing policy documents, news media articles, and collecting and understanding fans thoughts and perspectives on this matter. To collect and understand fans views on transgender inclusion, he has created a survey that should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey is completely voluntary, and if you decide to participate, you will remain entirely anonymous. The only information collected will be your gender, age range, Australian state of residence, and favourite AFL/footy team(s). The main part of the survey will contain three open-ended questions that simply ask you your thoughts and perspectives on the inclusion of transgender athletes in football.

For more information about the study and your participation, please click the link to the survey below (to commence the survey click on the arrow button situated at the bottom of the page):
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Dec 11, 2017
Good to see research being done on this, thorny issues involved and getting many perspectives should help.

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Jun 28, 2019
good onya Mr.T for giving us recalcitrant PRE'ers an opportunity to participate meaningfully in society :D

I hadn't read The AFLs gender policy,

and I feel a better man for now having read it.
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