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VFL Live Streams 2021

Feb 25, 2007
Dominating across the ground, scoreboard ticking over nicely.
Good to see Maurice back on the ground.

Tiges 7 9 51
Sandy 2 3 15


Tiger Superstar
Sep 23, 2005
No Caddy, no Ralph Smith. Chol, Collier D, Ross, Naish all been good. Some nice cameos from Stack & Rioli Jnr. StK have no depth.


Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
MoJu is a mouth watering prospect. He's a mini wrecking ball with a dash of Shai Bolton like skills and evasiveness.
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Feb 25, 2007


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Apr 6, 2014
Only got to watch the final Q but interesting. My takeaways are similar to AFL level:
- our frequent great, repeat tackling seldom rewarded despite incorrect disposal or failure to get the ball out, or try that much
- too many wasted F50 entries; no good marking forwards aside from the giants. Sandy cleared too often, too easily. Unsure why Garth missing but it says a lot that he has been playing KPF. Will never make one IMO but shows how empty this area is in our recruiting. He is needed as a KPD at this level anyway. Too slow for AFL level forward or just not quite good enough mark or kick overall although a real competitor. A reserve KPD
- Samson's kicking for goal outstanding for a giant and can take a good CM. But needs to add 4/5 kilos muscle.
- at least in Q4, never saw anyone really knocking the door down for AFL selection. Stacky clearly showing effects of some 'beer and kebab' kilos to keep losing.

Loch (?) for Sandy looks a player.
Feb 25, 2007
The twin towers!!!

Samson Ryan, reads the ball well, very agile and strong overhead with his 5 marks, 3 goals and 3 tackles.
Once he puts on 6-7 kilos watch out.

CCJ another very good game, 22 disposals, 6 marks, 2 goals and 4 tackles