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Welcome Tom Brown aka Flashman


Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
How about Scoop - in recognition of his journalistic counterpart? It would be slightly facetious, of course.

if we were gonna use that angle,

he'd be called

bumbling nepotismo fuktard.

bit of a mouthful.

how about 'browny'?
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Dont Argue

Tiger Champion
Jun 26, 2018
From RFC website

“He possesses an uncommon but very desirable ability to impact both in the air to spoil or intercept mark, as well as provide genuine rebound out of the back half with speed”.

Bachar and Short, for all their great traits, were/are not strong in the air.
Grimes, Tarrant, Stack, Vlastuin, Gibcus, Brown, Balta.
Serious air coverage
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It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
do you know his 2km time TMan? anyone?

I reckon our Tom might be pegged as the new Ed Langton?
Not sure, I think from memory it was around the 6.20 mark, his standing vertical was very good 71cm's the winner, Warner jumped 76.
Better foot skills than Langdon too, who I like.


Tiger Legend
Jul 21, 2003
Whilst you have to take them with a grain of salt, his highlight reel looks very good. He is a good size at just over 6'1" in the old, takes a very nice mark, kicking looks good and he has good speed. His reel reminded me a little of how Deledio played in the backline. Could he also develop into a Tom Stewart type of role? Whilst I still think we should have bolstered the on ball brigade with this selection, Tom does look a good player and think he will fit in very well at the club.

But really want to see us focus on the midfield for the rest of this draft. Not for next year; I don't think anyone believes that a first year player can have a massive impact on correcting our midfield woes. But we need to do it for the next 2 years and beyond. It is highly likely that Cotchin, Edwards will be gone by then and Lambert and Prestia won't be far behind. Prestia struggles to get on the park as it is. We need to put some A grade young talent in there; really don't think we have any at the moment. Possibly Shai but he doesn't seem to play there as much as he should. People keep saying we'll just trade for A graders but that is way easier said than done. And even if you can convince them to come, unless they are UFA, it costs an absolute bomb in draft capital. Need to develop A grade midfield talent from scratch.
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Listen to the thunder RFC
Jul 30, 2009
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Nov 14, 2012
Richmond Man selection, moneyball selection.

Club knows what it’s doing and has the silverware to say STFU
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 6, 2014
Good hands, hard at it, good disposal, good mark, quick, athletic rebounder...could play anywhere, half-back, wing and at 186 even midfield the way midfielders are these days. At 77 kg he needs to fill out a bit which will happen. Flossy is 187 and obviously heavier but Bachar was only 180cm. Surprise pick but excellent choice, sounds like a modern footballer not just an athlete. Son of a Cats player who we've been following even though he missed a lot of footy past 2 years.
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