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What's the difference between Social Justice and money?


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Sep 21, 2004
How much money does Baker make this year? How much does Dusty make?

Did Marlion Pickett complain that on his reduced pay he couldn't pay the rent this year? What happened to that story? His base is 50k before COVID? What is it after?

What's Dion Prestia's pay? Patrick Dangerfield's?

COVID has thrown it into relief. Marlion Pickett's wage before COVID was 50k pa? Is this a joke?

It's all very well to support the club where Alex Rance has the highest EI. But eh, money matters.

Are our baseline players fairly paid?

Given the risks and hours, the timing of work, the inevitability of pain, short and long-term, the damage. What should the money be?

What if Marlion Pickett wasn't playing in the firsts? Is the rookie paygrade commensurate with modern survival?

The AFL pays the players, not the clubs. So it's not a failure of RFC, exactly.

I'm trying to think through why our players are underpaid and how to fix that.

We pay our memberships. Our club succeeds. And goes about its yoga. Our players are underpaid, aren't they?

This is on my mind.


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Jun 28, 2019
Fantastic stuff Capn.

You had a very productive wee hours this morning. Keep it rolling.

Aside from the obvious equity issues you raise,

How the *smile* do we afford the 2 hottest prospects on the planet; Balta and Bolton?

How do pay these blokes what they are worth, whilst preserving our culture and keeping Marlions father sons amd daughters eating high quality protein?

And george out of the steel works?

Austerity measures? A modified Agrarian Socialism? Corporate sex work?
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