Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
Yesterday my email box was bombarded with notifications of PMs, posts addressed to me and reported posts by L2. I don't know what part of please leave me alone he doesn't get. It was doing my head in and I had to turn the computer off to get away from it.

L2 told me he'd had several messages advising him that disagreements with me can only end one way. The irony is I didn't invite, comment on or reply to any of L2's continued harassment. It was all one way.

He also asked if it was "kosher" to reveal details of private messages, despite the fact he had no issues with what i actually posted. (That was a public post waiting for approval not a PM) I have no qualms about that at all. Bullying, harassment, physical and/or verbal abuse shouldn't be hidden behind closed doors. They were uninvited messages after expressing the fact I had no interest in answering his repeated questions on the thread and repeatedly asking to be left alone.

As in the context of discussion on the thread I accidentally deleted. NO means NO. Please leave me alone doesn't mean keep up the abuse.

I repeat that the original thread was deleted accidentally but it's worth noting not one person has posted in favour of reinstating it.

Geez...time for some Panadol.