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2021 Draft Thread


Tiger Legend
Feb 9, 2015
I wonder if our thinking has changed now that both CCJ and Chol are almost out the door.

You would think we call out Gibcus name regardless if he is still on the board with our first pick. Van Rooyen is also a must with one of our picks in the 20's.

HS saying both Chol and CJ are gone and channel 7 going with 'Breaking News' on 2 Tiger's on the move so assume they will be going with the same story?

The Age reporting to:

Hope young Samson is working hard in the off-season.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 8, 2004
We drafted a small forward, Higgins when we had a bunch of them already.

CCJ over Allen, Taylor, Ryan, De Koning. Worst of the bunch.

Balta makes it bearable but it’s a stinker.
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Tiger Superstar
Mar 30, 2010
Little River
I highly doubt we’d get 4 or 5 picks for them Archy
I’m not saying we would, I’m hinting that there would be further trades there after that would net us that result.
I also disagree that the 2017 draft was a bust. Would people rather we played the players that have left / might be leaving and miss out on a premiership or two??
It’s called a trade off for being successful/ a dynasty.
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Tiger Rookie
Mar 18, 2014
How would everyone feel if we lost CCJ & Chol but in return ended up with 4 picks inside 20 and 5 picks inside of 30??
Hi Archy,

I have always valued your opinion. Your comment makes sense - 4/5 picks inside 20/30 is great. Good outcome.

But to lose 2 x talls in one swoop (even just average talls) when both our tall fowards are 29+ and 33+ at the beg of 2022; Soldo back from an ACL and Balta a bad ankle is worrying. No Dave as backup. Miller 1 game.
I do like Samson Ryan though.
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