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2021 PRE Phantom Draft

Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
GWS with three picks feel like they added at least 2 A graders, maybe three. All come with elite kicking skills, all elite footy IQ and the ability to provide run and carry.

Finn Callaghan - when GWS asked the Lord to deliver the perfect prototypical physical specimen for a midfielder after the trade with Collingwood, he parted the clouds and delivered a 190cm, 85 kg with off the charts agility and a booming left foot. More to smite Collingwood than to please GWS but what is clear is the Lord isn't a Pies supporter.

Tyler Sonsie- The coolest Tyler since Durden. Worships at the feet of Trent Cotchin. That's enough to draft him. Add in he has forgotten what foot he kicks with and loves a goal he's the perfect foil for Finn, Tom Green and Tim Taranto. Top 5 talent in this draft.

Josh Fahey- We take him despite those Southern clubs trying to kidnap him. And we take him to remind everyone that our Academy will annoy you forever. Run and carry, he's not too dissimilar to Lachie Ash who was a top 5 pick. We take him and laugh.

This is a draft that we will look back on and consider it a cornerstone of the next ten years. A++.
Right here, right now, that result would be the envy of a lot of clubs if it eventuated that way.
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Whatchu talkin about Jack?
Apr 3, 2006
All depends how good this Horne-Francis kid actually is?

From what I can see you can get some very good players all the way until early parts of round 2.

Long story I think the answer is yes - but the stakes are very high but the reward even higher. Multiple picks in the first round could set your club up for the next 10 years in this draft.

Would you rather have Hornes-Francis, Roberts & Long or Ward, Johnson & Sonise???
I take the latter and would use my extra first rounder on Rachele or Goater. Four players versus one who may spend a fair bit of time on the flank. Not a huge Roberts fan, reminds me of Hately & Constable. Long I like but I much prefer the others.
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Welcome to Richmond Football Club - Daniel Rioli
Dec 1, 2007
I take the latter and would use my extra first rounder on Rachele or Goater. Four players versus one who may spend a fair bit of time on the flank. Not a huge Roberts fan, reminds me of Hately & Constable. Long I like but I much prefer the others.
Also considering that JHF is south australian and will have both Port & Crows in his ear since day 1
Norf have a bad 3-4 years and he will jump ship imo.
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Welcome to Richmond Football Club - Daniel Rioli
Dec 1, 2007
Dad's Army

Considering where the picks were 22, 30, 32, 34, 50 We managed to trade 34 & 50 for #26 and ended up with 22, 26, 30, 32

22 - Darcy Wilmot
Very happy with this selection and is a position of need losing Clark and a Aging Tuohy , Being one of the younger players in this years crop and with development Cats will be looking to eventually have Wilmot becoming a mid

26- Tom Brown
Without a doubt the cats would have nominated Tom as a father son had his dad played the required 100 games to qualify , I would have preferred to take him at a later pick but my 1st choice was off the board and Tom was the player that belongs at the cats. Whilst considered a HBF/HFF at junior level I see him becoming more a winger with a few years development

30- Jack Williams
Going needs based rather than best available at this pick after going 2 x smalls with the first 2 picks
Tom Hawkins turns 34 in july and most likely 2 years remaining geelong need to find the replacement now to have this player slot straight in and keep the twin towers attack. Pretty much similar player to Hawkins both in size and style (pushes same also)

32- Toby Conway
Again a needs based selection , With geelongs constant search for a quality developing Ruck Conway considered the best available junior ruckman this year and looking beyond Stanley / Ceglar both 31 years old in 2 months and departure of Fort the cupboard is extremely bare with only TSAPATOLIS & NEAL who are very speculative.

Overall pretty happy with the result apart from missing out on a KPD and Rhett Bazzo who was my preferred at 2nd selection.

Cheers guys and thanks Bullus for Running a good Phantom. Good to have you back mate
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Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
yeah thanks fellas for organising and participating.

I learnt a lot about the bidding system, and a couple of players.

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Jul 26, 2004
Pretty sure that Carlton have picked up duds again, at least I hope so.:))

28. Rhett Bazzo

55. Lachlan Rankin

71. Josh Cripps

Only time will tell if any of these kids are AFL quality.
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Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
I'd probably give the honours to

@toothless (hawks), who made the most of a solid draft hand and built a big, quick midfield (Johnson, Chesser, McDonald)


@nikolasmia (port), who unearthed a genuine smokey at pick 54 who made us all envious.
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Tiger Legend
Mar 21, 2008
16. Joshua Goater
Height 190cm Weight 79kg
Calder Cannons, Vic Metro
POSITION: Midfielder/Utility

To good an option to pass up. Has the potential to be a dominant big body mid who can burst from packs, or at worst a tall wing/hb.

20. Mitch Knevitt
Height 193cm Weight 81kg
Geelong Falcons/Vic Country
Position: Inside Midfielder/Forward

Possibly a bit of a reach, but after picking a potential HBF with my 1st pick, I wanted a ball winning mid, which Knevitt is. He wins clearances, tackles and can go forward a kick a goal.

41. Kai Lohmann
Height 185cm Weight 76kg
GWV Rebels
POSITION: Medium Forward

An exciting athletic half forward. He will be a difficult match up, with his speed and marking ability.

47. Charlie Molan
Height 186cm Weight 83kg
GWV Rebels, Vic Country
January 23, 2003
POSITION: Medium Utility

After a couple of risky picks I went the safest footballer available. A future potential captain, who can play anywhere.

51. Hugh Jackson
Height 181cm Weight 70kg
North Adelaide
POSITION: Midfielder

A pure mid. He knows how to find the ball and use it.

65. Eric Benning
Height 196 cm Weight 85 kg
POSITION: Ruck/forward

A bit of a project player. Benning will more likely become a 3rd tall forward/back up ruck option.
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Hope springs infernal
Mar 29, 2014
Adelaide FC are very chuffed and excited to select 5 future stars with their 4 picks.

The fish were jumping so we opened the nets. No point aiming for talls when there were still good mids on the table.
Ward, Warner, Linke. All have endurance, athleticism and BWA.
Becker is too small to be a tall, but may end up as a Flossy.
O'Loughlin is too small but has demonstrated his football class.

#6 Josh Ward

Height/Weight: 181cm/79kg
Position: Midfielder

A classy midfielder capable of consistently winning mountains of possessions, Ward is a centre bounce mainstay with his clean skills and work rate.

Vic Metro skipper. Captain of the Vic NAB Team of the Year.

His balance of competitive ball winning and clean skills bode well for an all-round and reliable midfield game, one which many clubs will value at the top end of the draft.

Ward is one of the cleanest operators going around. He has constantly worked on his handling and is slick in his disposal by both hand and foot. The leftie may not be as outwardly damaging as others, but is ever-present and rarely wastes a touch with excellent decision making in tight spots.

Ward averaged over 30 disposals, five marks and four tackles across those outings, with his equal best tally of 34 touches coming in a game which elevated his standing. In Round 9 against Oakleigh, he took it upon himself to line up on Nick Daicos at the centre bounces and while the pick one contender had 37 disposals, Ward stood up to the task and was arguably best afield in a 42-point win.

His clean skills, high footy IQ, and endurance are musts for AFL-level midfielders and he should take little time to adjust

#36 Corey Warner

Height/Weight: 182cm/74kg
Position: Midfielder / Wing

Warner is a hard running midfielder who can play both inside and out, breaking forward with purpose and a penetrating left-foot kick.

Able to play on either side of midfield, Warner is most often utilised on the wing and featured there for Western Australia’s Under 19s, capping off a strong season where he showed great potential across all competitions.

He was also a standout draft combine performer, notching state-high scores in the 2km time trial (6:20), standing vertical jump (76cm), and running vertical jump (100cm).

# 64 Shay Linke

Height/Weight: 190cm/79kg
Position: Inside Midfielder/Forward

Uses his endurance, footy smarts and skill set to win and use the ball effectively for his team.

A strong overhead mark and powerful kick, he dominated at Under-18s level averaging 27.7 disposals in three matches before progressing to play six League games, averaging 11 disposals and 6 tackles.

Outstanding at Under-19s representative level in final match against Western Australia, having 24 disposals (12 contested possessions) and taking six marks to be among his state's best players.

#69 Zac Becker

Height/Weight: 190cm
Position: undersized key Defender/Forward

A key back for the state and Sturt, a key forward for his school where he's kicked bags of 9 and 11.
Played 7 SANFL League matches for Sturt averaging 18 disposals and had an excellent semi-final with 21 touches.

Full back of the July Draft Team of the Year – when they were still playing.
Becker played in South Australia's under-19s trial match earlier this month and is a defensively minded prospect who can shut down his opponents

At 190cm he isnt going to be a key position player so will be earmarked for a medium back role.

#sneaky academy pick Blayne O’Loughlin

Height/Weight: short-arse 171cm / 74kg
Position: Caleb Daniel / Liam Baker

A crafty small defender who has been one of the most consistent performers in the SANFL Under 18 competition across the past two seasons.

O’Loughlin was one of South Australia’s best, orchestrating their fightback in the second half with his damaging rebound from defence.

O’Loughlin looked more engaged defensively in the early part of the contest and earned himself a free kick after catching Western Australia’s Luke Polson holding the ball.

Taking the kick-in duties, O’Loughlin was near flawless with his ball use out of the goal square, consistently finding teammates around the defensive 50 zone with his low, penetrating kicks.

He transitioned the ball with meaningful drive forward of centre. His willingness to take the game on with his ball use created opportunities for South Australia in the forward half and was one of the catalysts for their second half comeback.
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Tiger Champion
Aug 16, 2009
Adelaide (tigerdell): Ward (6), Warner (36), Linke (64), Becker (69)

Brisbane (Brodders17): Goater (16), Knevitt (20), Lohmann (41), Molan (47), Jackson (51), Benning (65)

Carlton (Tigers Of Old): Bazzo (28), Rankin (55), Cripps (71)

Collingwood (bullus_hit): Daicos (1), Dib (68)

Essendon (eZyT): Van Rooyen (13), Jones (46), Uwland (48)

Fremantle (Sammy Cougar): Gibcus (8), Erasmus (10), Aleer (30), Sheldrick (31), Lord (52), Regan (62), Rayson (63)

Geelong (turk-d-tiger): Wilmot (25), Brown (29), Williams (33), Conway (35)

Gold Coast (Leysy Days): Andrew (5)

Greater Western Sydney (Scoop): Callaghan (4), Sonsie (15), Fahey (22)

Hawthorn (toothless): Johnson (7), Chesser (24), Macdonald (27), Dean (50), Nyuon (56), Cumberland (70)

Melbourne (Tiger Hammer): Taylor (19), Banks (39), Hough (44), Woewodin (49)

North Melbourne (Smoking Aces): Horne-Francis (2), Roberts (23), Curtis (42) Long (43), Rentsch (61), Smith (67)

Port Adelaide (Nikolasmia): Draper (14), Fejo (54), Clark (60)

Richmond (bullus_hit): Hobbs (9), Rachele (11), Wanganeen-Milera (17), Browne (53), Schlensog (72)

St Kilda (mrposhman): Sinn (21), Owens (26), Windhager (38), Avery (57), Soligo (58), Adams (66)

Sydney (spook): Butler (18), Clarke (34), Murley (40), Anderson (45)

West Coast (footballmonk): Amiss (12), Howes (32), Motlop (37), Polson (59)

Western Bulldogs (turk-d-tiger): Darcy (3)
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tiger army tiger army!! thank you very much
Feb 14, 2005
Nrth NSW
cheers all
thats was enjoyable and entertaining ...........and somewhat informative ..........

thanks pre
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