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AFL Betting Thread


Tiger Champion
Aug 20, 2005
If you've already got an account with GoldBet, they're offering a 50% deposit match today. So if you're after an easy hunj (as long as Geelong don't win by over 100 points without Selwood getting a single disposal).

BetGold: $100 bonus bet on Sydney at regular odds – $167 return
UpCoz: $30 bet on Sydney $3 – $90 return
Bossbet: $25 bet on Geelong at $2.5 – $62.5 return
Crossbet: $100 bet on Geelong at $2 – $200 return

Total spent: $155

Sydney win: $257 return ($102 profit)
Geelong win: $262.5 return ($107.5 profit)

Go become a trader and make $M. Good stuff.

I’ve done a few of these in the past myself but $100 best I’ve seen.


It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
Had a good day on the punt today, so I've taken some of the ten dollars on the the Tiges to win the flag next year.

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