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Changes V Eagles


Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
Clarke reckons Miller is about ready for the firsts and Sunday would have been a good time to help negate the Weagles talls but obviously the MC have another idea. However as others have said Miller could be the emergency if we find ourselves undermanned .


Tiger Rookie
Mar 3, 2005
Just mentioned on 7 News that another Tiger in doubt with Edwards in the footage
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Dont Argue

Tiger Superstar
Jun 26, 2018
Gee you guys take Dimma literally. That's funny. Everything Dimma said indicates Dion plays. He couldn't be too expansive because I think Head Office have their nose out of joint. He couldn't say yeah Dion has been training the house down since we took the red eye from Perth where Dion was in economy with no ice or other treatment and then we didn't even pretend to get a scan when we got back....... ummm but he's sore. real sore!!. We'll give him every chance though and pray to the heavens that a miracle eventuates.
Dimma wants you to stop reading his mind.
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T-Shirt Tommy

Kim Jong Gil
Apr 11, 2011
Did I hear correctly on the radio that we're $1.60 favorites and Eagles are 2.10? When was the last time WC weren't favorites at home?


Tiger Superstar
May 1, 2016
There's a bloke called Cotchin. With Prestia out he might have to turn it up to 7

for a half.

Like against Essendon how he turned it up to a 7 for about 5 minutes when Essendon had momentum in the last.

But hopefully we can play well enough to allow Trent and others to have a low risk game before the bye
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