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Contract Status


Shovelheads- Keeping hipsters off Harley's
Jul 13, 2005
Richmond Victoria
Apologies but I cant find the Contracts thread

2019: Bolton, Butler, Coleman-Jones, Edwards, B.Ellis, Garthwaite, Grigg, Houli, Lambert, Menadue, Miller, Moore, Naish, Soldo

2020: Broad, Caddy, Collier-Dawkins, English, Graham, Markov, Nankervis, Ross, Short, Turner

2021: Astbury, Balta, Castagna, Grimes, Higgins, McIntosh, Prestia, Rance, Riewoldt, Rioli, Vlastuin

2022: Cotchin

2024: Martin

2025: Lynch

Liam Baker - second year in 2019.
Derek Eggmolesse-Smith - second year in 2019.
Maverick Weller - first year in 2019.
Jacob Townsend - first year in 2019.
Mabior Chol - fourth year in 2019.
Jake Aarts - first year in 2019.
Sydney Stack - first year in 2019.
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