Game day thread v St Kilda rd 15


Queen La Camilla
Mar 21, 2005
Short to the backline, Stack to the forwards. Stack is a god and Hardwick is his prophet.

Seriously, I never wanted Rioli in the middle, I wanted him to build on last year as our best small forward. Stack just played his first forward game like Rioli at his best. Wow

Jeez a forward set up with Rioli/Stack/George/Lynch with Bolton rotating off the bench looks dangerous.


Tiger Cub
Aug 18, 2015
All up, I'd say we should be very happy with this one.

Yes there were some bad moments, with rust flakes all over the field. But that had to be expected with so many ins, the 're-meshing' involved, and so on. The Saints were a lot better than last week, also.

Alright so we will have to get better, but personally I'd take a lot of confidence from close scrutiny of this one, that we will.

We had Stack showing his versatility as a star weapon - enough said already. Choi great game, although I don't think we can be anywhere near 'convinced' yet. Lynch is showing more and more, each week - we can believe he's what we thought he was, when we got him. I cannot wait to see, what the whole set-up is like after Jack gets back, they have some time together and so on. A serious force there, in the making. Lambert - so good.

Cotch the one we still have to cross fingers for, in terms of a return to full form. But nothing so far to panic about.

If we can just get some kind of a decent run from here, injury wise, there could be a lot to smile about in the weeks to come.

The win, the margin, the way it all came together as the game evolved - have to be happy with it.
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Oct 8, 2004
Whats the rate of opposition ruckman being named in the top 3 best players?
Obrien went from a 120k ruckman to a 800k ruckman after playing us.
The dud from stkilda was named stkildas best player.
We desperately need a ruckman and another midfielder in the off season
Soldo should be delisted


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Oct 8, 2004
The win just covers the huge cracks in the side.
Stkilda are rubbish.
McIntosh Ellis Graham Caddy Rioli Cotchin arent playing well.
Huge concerns going forward


Walks softly carries a big stick.
Jul 13, 2003
Bloody amazing that it was Stacka n Cholly keeping our arses in the game at half time. Always a massive risk pushing so many injury and form changes through a side in one hit. Struggled to play with much cohesion in the first half, but things smoothed out a lot in the second half, keeping that pressure n structure on helped stifle the Saints.
Just keeping the fingers n eye balls crossed in the hope the injury gods **** off n find someone else to annoy for the rest of the season. A bit of good hard match fitness n hopefully a lift in form for a few blokes that are struggling a tad should enable us to create some mayhem come finals time.

French Tiger

Tiger Champion
Oct 6, 2004
Great to get 7 from Chol & Stack. Good returns from the boys coming back.

Showed some good signs of getting our style of play up & going in the 2nd half.


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May 13, 2012
I thought it was a great win. Saint threw everything at us, coach under the pump blah blah, 7 changes, heaps of underdone players and didn't really gel as you'd expect. Rapt.
here, here. Great win. Underdone team and the saints through everything at us.