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General Trivia quiz


Tiger Cub
May 29, 2012
Well played Streak. It's a simple play on words. Same as saying if a chook laid an egg in a day, how many would it lay in a week. over to you


Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 31, 2006
Pretty sure it is Zanzibar TIA.

He was originally a member of the Zoroastrian faith.


Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 31, 2006
Yep. One of those places with a mystical name that one dreams of visiting one day ... also Timbuktu, Kathmandu and Marrakech. Pass on Timbuktu for me - reputedly a $hit hole. But happy to visit the rest.

Damn ... should have saved the Zoroastrian question for the follow up!

I'm reading Under the Banner of Heaven at the moment so how about this ... according to the Mormon faith what was the name of the angel that visited Joseph Smith and what item(s) was Smith given?


Tiger Legend
Aug 31, 2007
Western Australia
Panthera tigris FC said:
Nothing like injecting the most toxic compound into your face all for the sake of beauty :)

There is a synergy there that I quite like, between the toxicity of the product and the vanity of the twit prepared to inject it.