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Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
Geez how bad has the weather been since being able to get out there. Rain. Wind. Nearly every day. Bloody lightening closed the course this afternoon. Victoria is cursed ?

MD Jazz

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Feb 3, 2017
Maybe my favourite Par 4. Definitely one of the more challenging off the back tee. And into a wind.
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Apr 6, 2014
Decided to follow the Andalucia Masters in Spain; will catch up with The Shriners later this week on Kayo. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I find the US PGA Foxtel coverage of Aussie players to be really annoying and scanty - unless they're right in contention or make an amazing birdie/eagle. Good to see that the Aussies put in some decent performances though.
However, coverage of the Spanish tourney at the iconic Valderrama featured Min Woo Lee's group in the 1st rd. He is a player of interest to me as I'm looking at whether we are able still to produce players of a high enough calibre to compete on the world stage; no longer a definite IMO. Think the game is struggling at the top level here for enough $$ injected, tournaments provided/sponsored in the shadow of the huge US and European tours. (See that the Aus Open has been cancelled too for '21).

Anyway, MWL played pretty well in Spain. Dropped off at the end of R1 (73), average in R2, but great R3 (67) brought him back in contention. So again featured in final Rd coverage in 2nd last group. Probably played the best final round for strong, attacking golf.

As per usual, he made birdies to get right into contention, but kept giving them back to the course with some duffed bunker shots and over-hit putts. Could have/ should have won again. Matt Fitzpatrick won by playing really steadily, all pars until a winning birdie at 17 as every other player fell away ( he is a damn good putt although did not show it in the RC). MWL actually played the tricky 17th better than anyone getting on for 2 and also a birdie (Par 5).
Anyway, this kid has a heap of ability; hits it a mile and great long iron player. He has won 1 ET event, could have won the Italian Open as well as this Spanish event, although admittedly at a really challenging course for young players. Just needs a strong caddy/advisor. Needs to curb his aggression a little and stop throwing away shots - hit more fairways, more dead putts, improve his sand play. Moved up to No.6 on Race to Dubai list (which seems a big deal on ET the way they continually plug it!). In only his 2nd year as a Pro.

But looks like he might make it, only 23. One to keep an eye on perhaps.
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