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I'm bored, what games should I watch?


Tiger Cub
Mar 3, 2005
The knee injury in the first quarter to Steve Pirrie that ruined his career, top young key back never really made it back.

Looks like an ACL too from the mechanism twisting of his knee very similar to the Trossmans injury.

They were the days I remember as a lad.

Loved em.
Also unbalanced our side gong into that finals series by having Alan Martello at full back.
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"I can feel Tigermania flowing through my veins"
Jan 9, 2005
The Mothers Day Massacre against the Skunks was a big one.

Hoggie killed em.

Johnny Mrakov played for the Tigers against his old side.
And Terry Keays.

For some unknown reason I loved Terry Keays.
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Tiger Cub
Mar 3, 2005
Easter Monday 1982 against the Bummers in front of 90K. Tiger Army in full voice, in particular during a 10 goal avalanche in the last quarter heading to the Punt Rd End

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Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
And Peter Wilson did his cart wheel or back flip whatever it was. :))
Carlton had a state team and we slapped them.
I remember that game like it was yesterday.
Those years it was 4-5 wins a year.
If we won 2 or 3 in a row there was always a let down.
But we had good players.
Mitchell Palm Egan Honeybun
Graig smith, bomber James


This is a REAL tiger
Mar 8, 2004
There’s a couple against the Dogs. The one where Richo kicked 10 - I particularly remember that game, because I heard a Dogs supporter behind me say how much he hated Richo before the game, so it was great that he had a day out. The other one was in ‘94, during our 6 game winning streak, and Benny was immense that day, pretty much won the game for us.
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Richmond has a better list.
Apr 26, 2004
Not a bad idea from Fox Footy to show some past games between the two teams playing in this 2020 round with live commentary, but we all wake up to it in the end. Bit depressing everything's closed.

22nd Man

Tiger Champion
Aug 29, 2011
Essex Heights
The 2009 Saints Cats Rd 14 classic is on 7 mate. Now. Only H&A non Richmond game I changed my plans to watch. Lived up to the billing.


Tiger Champion
Feb 25, 2008
Hey Craig, got a year and round for us please, keen to find this one.
lucky enough to attend that game with my dad, brother and uncle.
Etched in my memory as Andy Goodwin was unleashed from the interchange like a rabid dog.


Tiger Legend
Jun 18, 2007
I was thinking of watching Dimmas first win v port in the wet at AAMI.
Three of our most important wins under Dimma have been away to Port: that one, which was huge for belief for "the worst team since Fitzroy", the 2017 win, and the 2019 win without Dusty, Cotch, Rance and Jack. I just watched the 2017 game, we were missing Houli, Vlastuin, Graham, Broad and Towner from the flag team, replaced by Short, Menadue, Markov, Lloyd, and Stengle on debut. Port goes clear 50-34 late in the third then we kick six straight goals either side of 3/4 time.
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