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Dec 11, 2017
you mean, in addition to fluffing up the Covid response, robodeath, car park bribes, sports clubs bribes, trying to destroy the NDIS, refusing to respond to climate change, and spending over $1m supporting Clive Palmer fight the WA gov over borders, this current inept government ruined a well planned NBN and gave us rubbish?
surely no one will vote for them next election?

Yep, that would be it.

I'm also with iiNet, HFC 50 plan. My beef is not with them, we've been with iiNet for years. The reality is that the NBN is sh1t. I doubt upgrading our plan would make any difference. With people streaming, working from home etc it just isn't up to the task. It will cost billions to fix this, but there is no other alternative, crap infrastructure that doesn't cut it simply needs to be upgraded.

Short sighted and stupid to build a cut-rate network, just gross incompetence from the luddites in power.