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Pick 3 2020


Tiger Champion
May 23, 2010
2020 AFl season almost upon us & one still being of sound mind (my opinion) I am keen to run Pick 3 again.

Same format I will nominate 3 games . One point for a win. Pick all 3 a bonus point. A tie 1/2 a point. Tied at end of season h&w a shoot out between tied players. Ends up going to the GF players to nominate winning margin with least margin the winner if two or more pick the same winning team.

Will nominate Round 1 games on Friday 12 March as I will be in the Eastern States from then to the 23rd March including being at the The G Thursday 19 March.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Onya TM great stuff cheers.

I'm in as always, and as always I will routinely forget to get my tips in on time :))
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Don't Boo! It is hurtful to the inept and corrupt.
Oct 6, 2004
Good job Tiga. Unlike Craig I will likely remember my tips but continue to have no clue. Happy to give someone an opportunity to be better than me. :p


Richmond has a better list.
Apr 26, 2004
*smile*...I thought this thread was to tank and aim for Pick 3 in the draft.....sorry Tigaman. :))
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Tiger Champion
May 23, 2010
Lets get the show on the road so

Round 1 Giants / Catters
Lol Norf/ Saints