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Pick 53: Jack Graham

Little Ziggyadee

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Dec 30, 2021
It shouldn't be a surprise that our form lifts when Graham gets moving, Lambo returns, Cotch's legs go back in time by 2 years, Lynch jumps and clunks, Dusty returns, and MRJ provides forward pressure.
The only ones letting us down now is Castagna and Flappers.
Baker goinging back, tick
Short into the guts, tick
Bolton more time in the middle, tick
Balta back massive, tick
I think Cumberland or Clarke could take Castagna's spot and Dow or Ralphsmith to take Flappers spot.
That would be close to best RFC 22
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Feb 11, 2021
Was it a case of the whole side was energized from the get go
And either first hands on the ball or pressure to force turn overs keeps that energy going
And things like Lynch clunking , MJR doing his stuff , the contributions of Cotch , Lambert , Graham , Grimmes just kept that level of inspiration up and literally everyone looking good at some stage
Hopefully we can maintain that till the bye
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Jan 11, 2003
Does he get a Brownlow vote - 30 posies, 6 tackles - best game of the year by a long shot.
very solid game, but no cigar or (coaches votes) hopefully running into some form and fitness

-cotch, meat, dusty, short, shedda, graham, bolton, lambert and baker

all fit and rotating thru the midfield is gunna have teams like the dees, cats and lions very nervous.
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It's been a very hard working from home
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May 4, 2004
very solid game, but no cigar or (coaches votes) hopefully running into some form and fitness
Surprised with some of those votes.
30 disposals, 39 pressure acts, 485m gained, 6 tackles, 9 I50, 4 score involvements. That's a decent game.
But perhaps the 7 turnovers hurt. His stats were very close or marginally better than Cotchin's, which would say he's got to lift further.
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May 7, 2012
Anyone wondering what Graham is doing for the side:


That is insane levels of pressure.
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Smoking Aces

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Sep 21, 2007
Graham in doubt.
Here's the 7news report:

Go to 1:18 min mark:
"Still early days. A few anti-inflams this morning so it can go down and turnaround. So as long as I get to that main [training] session I'll look forward to playing this weekend." - Jack Graham.
Thanks DA. He had a fair limp going. Wonder what the issue is with Soldo? Som much for our injury free run. Lasted 1 week.