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The Music Thread


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Aug 19, 2004
Ann Wilson one of the very best female voices to grace a rock stage and her sister Nancy from Heart and band pull off the impossible.
Playing a cover of Stairway to Heaven As part of a tribute concert to the great Led Zeppelin during a celebration of their career at the Kennedy Centre.
with Jason Bonham on Drums bringing his father to the stage they manage to move the great Robert Plant to tears whilst the Musical Genious himself John Paul Jones and the Maestro Jimmy Page nod in appreciation and recognise a great rendition of their legacy. An emotional moment for the Greats.
Massive kudos to the guitarist who had the worlds most unenviable task of playing the guitar solo directly to the master who wrote it no pressure though.

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Jul 21, 2003
Sleeping Beauty and Back to the Wall were great tunes as well from the Divinyls.

RIP Chrissie.
The Divinyls were a top band with a lot of great songs. My personal favourite is When The Good Die Young.

Chrissie Amphlett was a sensational singer and performer.
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Dec 18, 2002
If you love music and have some spare time grab the best headphones you have and listen to this

Then watch this and have your mind blown by the drummer Danny Carey

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Mr T.

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Aug 11, 2007
If you are reading this then you are missing the streaming Powderfinger concert on YouTube.
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