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Which teams do you dislike the most?

Tenacious Tiges

I remember when Balmey just thugged them .....
Apr 11, 2003
Black n White Filth
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Tiger Superstar
Dec 11, 2017
Adelaide, really don't like their fans, the sort who boo when the other side get a goal. Club I don't mind so much. Hopefully losing a GF has made their fans a bit more human.

Geelong, never used to hate them but the diving and the f...wit of a coach really put me off them.

I sort of dislike Gold Coast as I compare them to GWS who I don't mind so much as they seem to be trying to connect with Western Sydney. Gold Coast I haven't seen as much effort to cultivate their area, then again, who would want to deal with the Gold Coast? Also, that team should have been Tasmania.

Collingwood - visceral hatred in the 1970s. There was something about that time that we all hated Collingwood. Now I'm pretty much ambivalent, I can see the similarities and before the 1920s the clubs were not so antagonistic. 2 working class suburbs next door to each other back then. Yeah, don't want to see them ever win another flag, or at least not until we have a few more than they do, but the hatred of Collingwood is more an urban myth designed to pump up Collingwood egos these days. They are just not hated like they used to be. In any case, aren't they just Richmond's second team now? Must be a few old Collingwood people rolling in their graves now they are headquartered South of Victoria St.

I never minded Carlton much. Used to like players like Jezza back in the day. They are inoffensive these days but always hated the fact they try to buy their way to the top.

Essendon *smile* me off, they just do. Hope they keep making the bottom half of the 8 and getting knocked out first week.

Born in Melbourne, but lived in Perth from about 18 months to age 8, so hard to hate West Coast or even Freo. Still follow what Subiaco are doing (wow!) so Perth teams don't offend me.

Someone above talked of the attitude of North when Save our Skins was happening, either didn't know this or couldn't remember. Hate them now!

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Tiger Superstar
Jun 29, 2006
Pure Illogical Hatred
Carlton - I grew up with two non-negotiables. We are Richmond, we hate Carlton.

Collingwood - More so now that they are trying to copy our every move.
Essendon - Drugs and their sense of entitlement
Geelong - A new hatred thanks pretty much to Salty Scott
North - During the Save Our Skins they lobbied that we shouldn't get any help from the AFL and should fold
Melbourne - From the second we saw them cheering their loss to us with the after siren Sanchez goal and they started singing our club song in raptures, it was time to hate this cancer of a culture in the AFL. Their subsequent systemic tanking just added to it all.

Not hatred, but love to see them lose
Adelaide - Their arrogance and behaviour leading up to the 2017 Grand Final has me hoping they never get over the thrashing we gave them
Port - Their President
Pretty much the same order and reasons for me. Carlton then daylight


Tiger Superstar
May 1, 2016
I don't really dislike anyone.

I barrack for Richmond but have a respect for our opponents.
Oh have some fun :p

I find myself disliking clubs largely due to the attitude of their coach, or the vibe of their culture in recent memory. I liked Collingwood when Malthouse was in charge, for example.

Rightly or wrongly (mostly wrongly) there’s only two clubs on my list:

Essendon #1
- Drugged their players to gain an advantage. Worse than that, they robbed our captain of a Brownlow moment.
- Cultural vibe of taking the overall wrong attitude towards life in my opinion (e.g. notoriously difficult trade reputation, self-damagingly biased towards their own, their whatever it takes / overly results-driven philosophy, etc).
- Seem to value talent over character to the extent they’d proudly openly praise you for being a rude and arrogant person as long as you perform (my perception of them, anyway)

Carlton #2
- SOS’ attitude
- Culture
- Short-sighted self-interest, e.g. Sold us an ice addict with a straight face while demanding more

Geelong aren’t on my list, but deserve a mention:

- Chris Scott
- Players influenced by Chris Scott’s attitude
- I get the vibe that Chris Scott attributes too much success to his own superior intelligence, and doesn’t really respect/understand the strengths of a coach like Dimma
- Denied our superiority for almost the entirety of the last 3 years. However, they did seem genuinely humbled after the prelim, coach included, and Selwood’s attitude was first class.

Overall, a likeable enough, well-run club with good off-field leadership that just happened to prioritise stuff that we didn’t do, making them seem disrespectful, but really they’re just trying to rationalise their own lack of premiership success without making a paradigm shift.

Demons, Port, GWS, and Adelaide are the next 3 that I enjoy beating, but I don’t hate them.
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Tiger Superstar
Feb 24, 2008
GWS because they are a manufactured team of champions but never will be a champion team.


Tiger Champion
May 9, 2007
Geelong..............living in the town you either love em or despise them. It's probably more their supporters who have been kissed on the you know what for years and think they deserve to win flag after flag! But Scott makes it easy to hate them as well.


Tiger Legend
Nov 25, 2004
Great thread. For me, it's still, from most hated to least hated:

Essendon. Arrogant flogs still living off 2000. Hird's speech when they lost to the Lions put me off them for life - but I also hated them in the 90s when they flogged us regularly. That stupid umbrella "tap tap" thing they do during the club song. In the 80s I used to not mind them so much, had some great battles and liked the brotherhood of the sash. Great to see them suffering through the drug saga and ever since. They really are the new Richmond, but I still hate them.

Geelong. Another side I never really hated until our recent pre-eminence. Even when Ablett kicked 14 against us I kind of respected them, maybe because they never won anything. For me it's all about Scott and Dangerfield, and to a lesser extent Gibblet. Don't mind Selwood, good player even if he ducks too much. Looking forward to maybe dropping a game to them in the H&A and then smacking them again in the finals.

Collingwood - enough said. Used to be my number one hated, but even Figgy and Trelol just make me laugh now.

Cartoon - destroyed my early adolescence with that 1982 GF, but even then they had good players - Johnson, Hunter, Bosustow (sp?) etc. Had to respect them. Now it's a routine 4 points every game so I enjoy when they kick a few against us and the fans get excited.

Don't mind Hawks, they like us because we always beat Geelong in the finals and Clarko mentored Dimma so not all bad.

Of the interstate sides:

Adelaide. Plastic club, Tex Walker, Jake Lever. Another bunch of arrogant knobs who think beating us in Adelaide is the equivalent of the GF. Used to hate Power more but they loved it when we beat the Crows in 2017 so I cut them some slack.
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Super Tiger
Apr 20, 2004
Top 3

They tend to shift around depending on how they are going on the ladder.

But despite Carlton *smile* years I still hate their stinking guts. Bunch of money cheating flogs.
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Tiger Cub
Mar 30, 2007
Geelong, and the coach the braying ass.
Melbourne, the club that tried to vote itself out of existence, and failed, and tried to lose a game, and failed to hide it. Its only success was taking money from its saviour and then dumping him at the earliest opportunity, probably because he was jewish. They should be ashamed turning up to an ALF ground and wearing a jumper both laughable and shameful at the same moment.
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Tiger Legend
Apr 28, 2004
Interesting that most of the dislike teams are Melb. based. The odd one from interstate. History I suppose


Tiger Cub
Apr 2, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
i. Carlscum
ii. Carlscum Tankers
iii. Carlscum Brown Paper Bag Specialists
iv. Carlscum arrogant toffs
v. Carlscum (for 1982)
vi. The Junkies and their DELUDED supporters
vii. Dork Melbourne who wanted us GONE way back when.
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Tiger Champion
May 19, 2008
Interesting that most of the dislike teams are Melb. based. The odd one from interstate. History I suppose
Always wanted an interstate team to win when it wasn’t us (eg during a certain 37 year period) on the basis that It was better to go to work on the Monday and not know anyone who supported them.

Fwiw - also agree with the hatred expressed in this thread for the obvious names - but the team I probably despise as much as any is North.


something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
For me it’s Hawthorn and their smug supporters, would be very happy if they never played finals again.

Geelong have rocketed up the chart the last couple of seasons.