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Wot !!


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May 23, 2010
This Hawks lot just does not evolve around just the Hawks & accused but the whole AFL football community. Historic accusations from a decade ago . It has been presented to us by the media that accused have a case to answer yet those accused were not questioned by the lot investigating such racist claims. Better have their facts right as this is a case of 'the proof was in the pudding ' , not DNA.
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It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
I do think the report could've have been tabled without naming Clarkson and Fagan.
It seems a bit unfair to name them when they weren't interviewed as part of the Hawthorn review.


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Apr 21, 2022
It smacks of unprofessionalism to Name Clarkson. they would want to have the facts 100% accurate and verifiable not hearsay. Defamation is a possibility.