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2021 Draft Thread


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Sep 30, 2011
I think these trades for Taranto and Hopper will go through for less than what most are saying, and I believe we will keep our 2023 1st rounder intact.

Taranto pick 12 + later pick or swap of later picks. His back issue in concerning.

Hopper pick 19 - he is a salary dump player after all who barely played this year. If we miss out, we sign him next year as a FA.
What works in our favour is they have to trade or they'll be over the cap. they simply don't have the option to walk away.
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Dec 8, 2004
Garrett McDonough back at the VFL RFC.

We thought he (McDonagh) was the best player outside the AFL,” list boss Adrian Dodoro said.

"We felt he was one of the better ready-made players in the pool this year. Even though he's 25 years of age, we think he's got a lot of football left in him."

Dodoro is the greatest myth in the AFL, how he stays on is the biggest question mark in football.
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Kick the f*ckin' goal
Jun 18, 2007
Interesting half of the Victorian top 15 fancies didn't test at the combine. I'm sure some, maybe most were genuinely injured, but I reckon a few just put the cue in the rack, strategic move. I don't blame them, if you're already a walk-up start, why risk taking any shine off?
Maybe they got lost on the way and found themselves at the 2021 combine. ;)
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Dont Argue

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Jun 26, 2018
Re: Jacob Bauer [merged]
Richmond's Rising Star Sets 2023 Up For Success

Watch here:
Here’s an insight into Richmond FC’s young gun Jacob Bauer's session with us as he prepares for his first AFL pre-season.

After getting the mid-season call-up in 2022, he didn’t get the opportunity to prepare with the squad — he was straight into the thick of it.

He realised this off-season training was crucial if he wanted to play the best football of his career going into the 2023 season.

He knew that the gym would help him be:
✅ Faster to the ball.
✅ Stronger in the contest.
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Oct 5, 2007
I thought Bauer showed quite a bit in the VFL.

Looking fwd to seeing him after a proper AFL pre season.
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Welcome to Richmond Football Club - Daniel Rioli
Dec 1, 2007
You death rode him.
Why are you complaining?
I never death rode him at all just posted the likely scenario which did eventuate

I posted that i thought he would be delisted and probably end up back in the WAFL which is still a very distinct possibility but wouldnt be against taking him back in the mid season draft if he turns up in good shape and shows he wants it.

Always said he has plenty of talent but not the attitude or work ethic


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Oct 6, 2013
I saw a poster on BF from North talking about Paul Curtis and I went back to check which draft he was from, and I saw it was 2021.

I looked back through the list of players in there and I reckon we will start to see by the end of 2023 how bloody good this draft class is going to be. Not a bad year to have 5 picks in the top 30.

Leysy Days

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Feb 26, 2004
By jeepers there's some wraps on this Melbourne tall who's yet to debut.

Keeping powder dry on any potential "miss" on that until he shows something at the level.