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AFL Betting Thread


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Jun 18, 2007
Special shout out to @spook who suggested the Rich Brissie GF quinella 2 or 3 months ago. Took the 30s and 28s on offer Betfair but alas it wasn't to be
I also laid it off for guaranteed profit, and backed the Richmond-Geelong quinella, and had a little on Geelong to win the flag at $8 to go with my bet on Richmond at $10.

Us beating Geelong in the GF was my best result, followed by us beating Brisbane, then us beating anyone else, then Geelong beating us, then Geelong beating anyone. I've done well, I reckon!
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Al Bundy

Premiers 2017 ! Premiers 2019 ! 2020 B2B? Go Tiges
Aug 27, 2003
I wondered and asked what were the odds for a manual bet for Tiges to go Back to back ($6.70/1)
Odds for a 3-peat $~about $27/1)

Markets are nervous on how good we are. Made me a touch more confident for tmrw :)

Just rang Sportsbet, girl was laughing and congratulating me. They are paying out the B2B today.

My 3 Peat bet is still live (2 legs completed)

Go TIGES ! How sweet this one was

(Not a big punter, small bets for fun, max $10. But gezz feels so good)
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