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Audio books.... heard any good ones?


Mar 1, 2015
If there's an existing thread on this subject in another guise, @Mr T. please shut me down and point me in the right direction :)

Woke about 4am and surfed around for something to listen to.
Never realised the ABC Listen app had free audio books available!

I've always found Anh Do very likeable and having listened to him read the first 4 chapters of his book, even more so now...!

Heart wrenching, frightening and humorous too.

Regardless of some of the *smile* that happens in Australia, hearing his story makes me appreciate how lucky we are.

"Prologue" episode from "The Happiest Refugee" - Available now through the ABC listen App -
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something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
I like to listen to autobiographies so I’ve listened to:
Michael Caine
Ozzy Osborne
Nikki Sixx
Mel Brookes
Dave Grohl
Marlon Brando
Kevin Hart
Woody Allen
Phil Collins
Steve Coogan
Seth Rogen
Andrew McCarthy
Christian O’Connell

over the last year or so.
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