Draft picks 2019


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Oct 8, 2004
Melbourne once again scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
Adding both Bennell & Brown to their list today.

One thing i caught out of the interview with Bennel he said he was looking forward to playing on the G.. he had that same opportunity 4 years ago...
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Jul 13, 2003
is this allowed? seems a bit off ... and taking the piiiss ...
They were actually open to suggestions of trading out their pick one and priority pick this year if suitable players were available. Now that is taking the p1ss.
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Dec 16, 2009
Blokes who aren’t mids in junior ranks don’t become full time mids.

The lad has heaps of tools to work with but he won’t become a full time mid.

I wouldn't rule it out completely.

What if he wasn't given the opportunity to play mid by the coaches? Being a strong tackler with goal sense maybe they thought the teams he played for needed him forward more than in the midfield.


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Dec 8, 2004
Castagna esque, hard running hard hitting hard tackling half forward most likely Scoop?
That’s what I see and what the numbers tell me. And that’s a valuable role. And a role our systems values more than any other club. I see why we made the pick but it’s not as a mid.


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Oct 8, 2004
Castagna esque, hard running hard hitting hard tackling half forward most likely Scoop?
Castagnafield is built to play midfield.
Catasgnafield blew open this years GF.
His pace and constant breaking of GWS lines was 90% of the reason we smashed them.
Castagna is the Turbo in our engine.
If he had kicked 2 goals including the one he blew 23 GWS's players away . He would be a NSM today.
He was outstanding in the GF.
I would have him in our top 7 most influential players on our list.
Hardwick should keep moving him up the ground.
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Jason King

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Jul 19, 2007
Adelaide, South Australia
We won't be getting any pick 2's or 3's anytime soon, though we did pick up another Martyn lol.

Our picks were risky but players who look to have a higher ceiling of potential than that of what may have been available at our picks.

All of our picks are tackling players who seem hard at it, Richmond types, be it project types such as Biggie or nuts and bolts players like Martyn.

If 2 of those work out I still feel we have done well in the grand scheme of things and where our list is currently at.

Would be interesting to see the avg age of team lists now as they stand.
Exactly right, our picks probably wont be any better than a pick in the teens or so for a few years if our current form continues. Just hoping we can steal one or two via FA or Homesick expansion club.