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GAME DAY Tiges v Hawks

Mr T.

Staff member
Aug 11, 2007
The year is over and good riddance 2021.

It's all about farewelling Dave and seeing our young players take centre stage. Maybe a gift to Clarko from Dimma too.

Enjoy the game.
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Tiger Superstar
Aug 18, 2018
I've been thinking about what would make me switch off the telly after just five minutes. This is what would do it for me:
  • Ben Miller drops a simple mark and knocks out Astbury in the one action.
  • Will Martyn twice gets caught HTB through a total lack of awareness combined with hospital handballs from Castagna.
  • Lynch kicks three consecutive points from the goal square - plus an OOB on the full - then Hawks go coast to coast for a goal in the fastest time ever recorded.
Please add your own version of what would cause you to either, turn the telly off, or put your boot through it.
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Spirit of Jack

Only a Tiger premiership can make 2020 a good year
Apr 19, 2004
Does anyone happen to have the average age, games, weight, height stats of the respective teams playing today?

Bill Haverchuck

Tiger Matchwinner
Jun 27, 2011
Tried I couldn't find it, I normally get it post game via clicking on the game result.

25yr 0mthAge26yr 9mth
Total Players By Games​
10Less than 506
350 to 994
4100 to 1496
5150 or more6
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Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Bugger it ,let’s get this done for DTLD , there’s enough poor recruiting clubs to let the gun players through to MC , let’s embrace 9th it’s been so looooooooong :))
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