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If Season Cancelled - refund or no refund?

Do you want to have your membership refunded or donated to the club if coronavirus affects games?

  • Refund me please

    Votes: 19 15.2%
  • Donate the money to benefit the club

    Votes: 90 72.0%
  • Let's go 50-50?

    Votes: 8 6.4%
  • Cheese sandwich

    Votes: 8 6.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Tiger Champion
Dec 4, 2004
Interesting options indicated in the afl members surveys. Especially a 30% reduction in next year's fees. Is that a signal put out by the AFL to clubland?

For the record, I'm seeing all these surveys as a delaying tactic by the industry. It's mid May and still sending out surveys. Wouldn't be surprised that the real options/actions are only released once footy season has started, with a narrative suggesting that crowds maybe able to attend the latter parts of season/finals to ensure they don't loose too much revenue (especially the afl with its members).
This isn’t a survey.
These are the actual options you can choose as of now. Members have until end of August to make a selection.


Tiger Superstar
Mar 1, 2015
As an AFL member this is what I've received if anyone is interested. In my case I'd be happy to hand my total subscription over to the club, but of course they don't give you that option.

Wish they would actually say if your choice is to pause or go absentee, how much they will send to the club by way of membership?
Make of the following what you will.

Screenshot_2020-05-19-09-04-19.png Screenshot_2020-05-19-09-04-28.png Screenshot_2020-05-19-09-04-42.png Screenshot_2020-05-19-09-06-03.png Screenshot_2020-05-19-09-06-15.png
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Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
You might find NRL crowds back in August . AFL in September. Temperature testing equipment currently being installed at supermarkets and AAMI park . It’s a gantry style walk through that can test for elevated temperatures. The AFL keeps saying “ way we start with won’t be how we finish “. After round 2 , restrictions will be reassessed. And there is a reason for only issuing fixtures in 4 week blocks .
Sounds like a good plan. How will they detect those who are asymptomatic?
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Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
Once you go through the gates, you have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine at the ground. Surviving on beer, chips, pies and live football. I'm in.

At footy prices you'd need to remortgage your house to afford 2 weeks worth of sustenance
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Tiger Champion
Jul 24, 2003
Just go email from Benny, with an update. Didn't really tell me much. Do have the option to discontinue payments from 1 June.
Will read in more detail later.


Tiger Cub
Aug 22, 2019
'Discontinue' payments seems a bit trivial. Should really be options for a refund, donation or a rollover to next year.

I'm fine financial wise, but what about those in a more dire fiscal situation who have already been making payments for months? I mean, I've already paid 70% of both my father and I's membership.


Nov 4, 2007
well done on participating.

Correct me if I am wrong but there was never a vaccine developed for the Spanish Flu , SARS , MERS or Swine Flu was there ?
Not sure about spanish Flu, Novavax who i'm doing the trial for, have worked on SARS and MERS at least to Phase 3. the covid19 vaccine is using a similar methodology so a lot of the work has been done on those previous versions of corona virus'.
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Tiger Legend
Jul 7, 2004
The email from Brendan does state that the club will be in contact on specific dates in regards to specific memeberships.
I think we might know more then.
Our membership money has gone as we pay upfront.


Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
Just spoke to the club.
The tiger superstore will be open next Saturday or the Saturday after.
So members can pick-up their cap or scarf.
And if you live too far away, they will charge $10 bucks per household to get them sent out
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