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Oct 12, 2010
I have a few North Melbourne-supporting friends (yep, they do exist) and this morning I feel incredibly sorry for them. I posted somewhere recently about the importance of hope for footy fans. But with Clarkson appearing to be a dead man walking, Kangaroo supporters will be feeling sick. What an incredible blow to this football club and, more poignantly, its fans.
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Aug 1, 2020
Wonder what due diligence they did with Clarko. Did they ever reach out to Cyril and get his thoughts? He may not have participated anyway but he raised his racism concerns months ago.

Hood also bypassed the management to pick Clarkson. And was delighted to front up to the press conference to take the credit. Let’s see how this goes. Can’t blame Amarfio for this one.


Jul 31, 2004
Plan C is now:-
Hird to Bombers
Carey to Norfs
Lyon to the Lions

Where there’s smoke and all that….
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Aug 12, 2003
Werribee (melb)
I was just thinking about this racism stuff.
Luckily I have friends of all backgrounds and so do my friends and kids.
No real racism here.

But 15 years ago in Australia I did go into a pub.
I said "One beer please"
Barman said "ok but drink it fast and go"
"Okkkk but why I said"
"Look around. This is a black person only pub"
"OK. I said (thinking he was joking)
I looked around...about 20 blokes in there, all staring at me (I didn't really feel threatened) but I drank the beer quickly and left.


The Big Richo

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Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
The more I've thought about it today the more sure I am he will come through as coach of North.

Will be hard to substantiate the allegations and will end up being word against word.


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Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
Clarkson has released a statement.

So Fagan has not released anything but Clarko thought he will say in his statement ‘I refute any allegations “ and ‘look forward to any investigations’.
States “he was never asked about the welfare of this report’ in the interview aired last night.