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Matthew Parker


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Aug 18, 2018
He might not be up to it in the end but we need a mid size forward that can run tackle, leap , have some midfield time and kick goals.
I'd like to see him tried in a run-with role, where the aim is to make life hell for the likes of Cripps, Bontompelli or Oliver. We seem to have a huge and predictable problem with oppo A-grade midfielders. If you can curb the influence of these guys, that can easily translate into two less goals for them, and two more for us. Convince me otherwise.
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
Looks like he might be out injured for a while. Ended up on crutches after yesterdays VFL game.
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Apr 26, 2004
Looks like he might be out injured for a while. Ended up on crutches after yesterdays VFL game.
Watched the rest of the VFL game and the commentators just mentioned a possible hip issue. Looked like a 100 year old hunching in the team song after the game.
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Licensed to kazoo
Sep 21, 2004
There was a theory coming into 2022 that forward defensive pressure didn't work any more.

Parker took his place in the swarm. And the swarm got results. Unfortunately Parker kept getting the ball and we all saw what happened.

We're still working on this. Because the Matthew Parker experiment was interesting.

What if we get George to play high in the swarm and hit up in the air and get a new low pressure forward? (MRJ)
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