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Jul 26, 2004
Saw Elvis today, enjoyed it very much. A bit slow to start with but when it gets to the ‘68 special and onwards really picks up. Austin Butler too really shines from the ‘68 special onwards. Yeah, there’s things you can complain about this movie (all movies that try and cover decades will always do the “this happened then that happened” and skim over parts) and it’s not til late in the movie til songs are sung in entirety (a lot of songs are only played in part) but overall quite satisfying.

Bummer ending of course…who knew hey?!
I saw it today. I actually really liked the front half but thought the back half became a bit more standard biopic fare & was a bit disappointing. Kind of followed Elvis' career. Austin Butler was good.
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Mar 6, 2004
Cry Macho with Clint Eastwood. Pretty ordinary, slow, dull, silly , predictable, badly acted, badly written. Not a great ending to Clint's career (he's 92!)
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Jul 30, 2013
The Gray Man on Netflix. Bourne / Wick try hard.
Pretty dull with a few good scenes.
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