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Pick 53: Jack Graham


"just kick it to Royce"
Apr 19, 2004
To think there are some on here who would have him in the reserves. He is ABSOLUTELY VITAL in our midfield. Love him!
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Tiger Superstar
May 1, 2016
Yep - his fifth would have been the one he gave to Caddy
And then he assisted another after that - was it the last to Castagna? - can't remember now
4 goals + 2 assists is better than 6 goals + zero assists anyway.

I love how he instinctively finds the person who assisted it to him after he kicks a goal, he points to them immediately without thinking about it. You can see he’s a genuine team player.
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Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
The thing that I think would have pleased the coaches too was his selflessness at the end, could rightly have had a shot at goal to complete his bag from about 20 out but did the team thing and handballed over the top to Caddy to seal the game.

The epitomy of the team thing.
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Chimp's Love of the Tiger
Oct 16, 2003
4 goals and 14 tackles. My god.

Bet you the dumpires still give Cripps 3 votes for his 37 useless possessions
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Jason King

Tiger Legend
Jul 19, 2007
Adelaide, South Australia
Not sure how you could go past him for BOG yesterday. He really impeded Cripps getting any influence even though he had so many touches. The goals were very much GF like. Well done to Jack, he stood up and without him we would have lost yesterday.


Tiger Champion
Feb 9, 2015
Jack Graham is the #1 ranked DEFENSIVE player in the AFL in the last 5 weeks, (14 tackles on the weekend). Offense wasn't bad this week either :)
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saigon tiger

Tiger Superstar
Jun 4, 2010
Him and Jack Ross are like a pair of brahman bulls on the loose.

be very tempting to beat up opposition midfields with this tag team over the next 6 weeks
That pair will be beating up the opposition for the next 10 years in a tiger jumper. Luv it!


Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
He ia the slowest fastest player ive seen.
Watching on tv it lookes like he is in slow motion but the opposition cant stop him.
He is my 2nd favourite player miles behind Castagna.
Castagna plays past the final siren...