Pick 53: Jack Graham


Tiger Matchwinner
Dec 11, 2017
Geez David. Did you miss his finals in 2017? Or his efforts in the latter half of this year? When he's got rid of injury niggles n built some match condition he plays beast footy which was again highlighted by his performance against Carlscum. He's more than capable of plenty, nothing to be convinced about except a bit of consistency that has been caused by injury interruptions.
Fridge isn't n probably never will be a high possession mid, he's a defensive mid in that his first job is to tackle, harrass n pressure the opposition mids at ruck contests n the fall of the ball at marking contests. He's the main one forcing the opposition into dirty ball disposals at the clearances so that we can pounce on the rubbish n get our rebounding turn overs into space. Also proven to be more than capable of causing score board damage when he gets the sneaky opportunity to rummage around the forward line.
Yeah, probably coming across more negative than I really mean.

Wasn't so aware of the injuries, knew there were issues but not the specifics.

I'll watch and learn, he was magnificent in the 2017 Finals, seemed to be less prominent for a while, and last week was magnificent again.