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Pick 53: Jack Graham

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
So beep beep happy that Jack got his second premiership medal, was so important in us getting the 2019 one.
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Tiger Champion
Apr 27, 2004
Mont Albert
Love him as a player and I am so happy for him to get his second medal, he so deserved it. Will be a great player for us for years to come.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Yep just reward for the medal he missed out on last year,

Congrats Fridge you've earned it mate.
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Hope springs infernal
Mar 29, 2014
We have a few future skippers tracking along nicely. Flossy, Fridge, Grimesy (and JRoss setting for a long run in!)
Dusty has the inspirational 'come with me boys' approach too

My favourite non-chimp cap'n was Shedda last year. Loved how he stepped up and led the team
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Tiger Champion
May 19, 2008
And what about his ability to lace-out a pass from distance to the tit of a leading forward
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Be the reason someone believes in the good people.
May 4, 2004
There's a group of Tigers, unfashionable Tigers I love. They're the heartbeat for me. Dusty adds the cherry, the icing and the sparklers, but those guys are the foundation for keeping our system together.
Fridge is one of those guys. I felt so broken for him last year knowing what he did in the preliminary final to get us through.
Yesterday was the karma bus rewarding him and McIntosh for "sticking fat" with the club.
I just love what this "nuggety little guy" brings to the team.
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Tiger Legend
Nov 25, 2004
Not flashy, just does everything well. Tough, inside, runs, tackles, sits under the high ball, selfless, brave.

A footballer's footballer.
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Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
Had a few shaky moments early on in the season but got his body right and mind in sync and got his well deserved 2nd GF medal. Glad he resigned for us and hope he has a long and successful career with us


Tiger Champion
Oct 1, 2013
Love Graham and glad he signed on, next skipper for me.

listening to Cotch yesterday it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to retire so he may keep captaincy for another tilt :)


Tiger Legend
Jan 6, 2005
Oh East Melbourne!
His kicking at full pace to a fwd on the lead is as good as any in the comp. He stepped up when others weren’t there and then like Bolton, was happy to play another lesser role when they returned. He is going to be a huge part of our future.
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Tiger Legend
Mar 2, 2003
said after the Port loss when Graham was out of the team due to fitness and form that Graham is an important piece of our premiership puzzle.

he is vital to the way we play. he's not your typical in and under grunt midfielder - where they win the hard ball at the bottom of a pack and dish off.

he bulldozes through packs with momentum and either wins the hard ball or lays tackles. he's hard at it and creates momentum from stoppages which suits our style of play

next captain.
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Brian H

Tiger Cub
Jul 26, 2013
I thought i had Jack Graham pegged as a very good hard at it defensive style of mid fielder but wow he proved me wrong with an excellent second half of the year. Yes he does all the hard grunt work but his attacking play was excellent with brilliant link up and excellent kicking into the forward 50. His quality of attacking play and run surprised me. A huge ceiling for him. Deservedly got his 2nd premiership.Can't wait for more.
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Tiger Superstar
Jun 29, 2006
Watched the GF again yesterday and Jack runs down Dangerfield and somehow gets penalized for in back. Jack gets up and mouths off. Think I counted 5 *smile*. Lucky the ump was generous and didn't march him 50m

Passionate guy young Jack