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Pick 63, 2017 Ben Miller - Welcome to Tigerland.

BT Tiger

Staff member
Jun 5, 2005
Couldn't watch - just radio - but that’s great news

He was great in the first half, reckon he tired in the 2nd and wasn't as noticable.

But other than his shot on goal which was a shank which ended up out of bounds, he was solid. We scored a goal from the stoppage after his shank anyway, so it could be viewed as a set play!
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Dec 8, 2004
Huge step forward. Only seven touches but rucked and looked good. Prefer to Soldo.
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Sep 23, 2005
As a 2nd ruck I think he’s a lot more valuable than soldo at the moment.
Doesn’t win a lot of hit outs but creates a contest at least.
But the main thing is he has a genuine other position. When soldo isn’t rucking he’s a liability. Ben can hold his own down back.
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
Gives us much more flexibility than Soldo. Stays in the contest even after he takes the centre bounces.
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