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Predict the AFL Ladder season 2023

eZyT has hit joint leadership with Mr.T, both on 64 with JimJessTorp just 2 behind on 66. Gold1 is still holding up the ladder on 100, just 2 in front of Scoop.

Leaderboard after round 11

#PlayerPointsCorrectCorrect Teams
1eZyT644Brisbane LionsMelbourneGWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
2Mr T.640
3JimJessTorp664Western BulldogsGold CoastGWS GiantsHawthorn
4The Big Richo682Western BulldogsNorth Melbourne
5MalenyTiger704Brisbane LionsFremantleGWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
6Mopsy704Brisbane LionsFremantleGWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
8artball713Brisbane LionsWestern BulldogsNorth Melbourne
9tbartiger733Western BulldogsGold CoastWest Coast
10King Kong731North Melbourne
11Redford731Brisbane Lions
12Smoking Aces731North Melbourne
13Tigaman731Brisbane Lions
14Tigers54731North Melbourne
15tigertim742Brisbane LionsNorth Melbourne
16craig753Western BulldogsFremantleNorth Melbourne
17DanMinogue751GWS Giants
18DavidSSS751West Coast
19Midsy751North Melbourne
20Sammy Cougar751Gold Coast
22Billy24762Brisbane LionsNorth Melbourne
23marella jube762Western BulldogsGold Coast
24Platinum Member762Brisbane LionsNorth Melbourne
25RoarEmotion762Brisbane LionsNorth Melbourne
26Tiger Ghost762FremantleGold Coast
27JoMamma773Western BulldogsGold CoastNorth Melbourne
28IanG771GWS Giants
29Total Tiger771Gold Coast
30Brodders17782Western BulldogsNorth Melbourne
31Merveille782HawthornNorth Melbourne
32Wisdom of the Crowd782Western BulldogsNorth Melbourne
36Quickdraw793Brisbane LionsGWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
37DjJazzyPete791North Melbourne
38MD Jazz791North Melbourne
39mrposhman802HawthornWest Coast
40Tigers of Old802HawthornWest Coast
41The Mole800
43tommystigers811North Melbourne
44wayne811GWS Giants
45Number8822Gold CoastWest Coast
46TigerDog822Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
49Letsroar831North Melbourne
50YinnarTiger831Brisbane Lions
52year of the tiger840
55Maneevo871Western Bulldogs
56MorrisMinor871North Melbourne
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eZyT's reign at the top was shortlived (down to 16th) as the The Big Richo has risen from last to first to be 65, 1 point in front of JimJessTorp, tigers1980, and Mr.T. Spook and Gold1 are equal last on 95.

Leaderboard after round 12

#PlayerPointsCorrectCorrect Teams
1The Big Richo653MelbourneGWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
3tigers1980662Gold CoastGWS Giants
4Mr T.660
5Platinum Member684Western BulldogsFremantleGold CoastNorth Melbourne
6Tigaman691Western Bulldogs
7DavidSSS702GWS GiantsWest Coast
8Baloo713Gold CoastGWS GiantsHawthorn
9Smoking Aces713AdelaideFremantleNorth Melbourne
10IanG722Western BulldogsGold Coast
11King Kong722FremantleNorth Melbourne
12Mopsy722Western BulldogsNorth Melbourne
13RoarEmotion722Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
14tigerman722Brisbane LionsGold Coast
15Tigers54722Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
16eZyT731North Melbourne
17MalenyTiger731North Melbourne
18Brodders17744MelbourneBrisbane LionsGold CoastNorth Melbourne
19artball742GeelongNorth Melbourne
20Total Tiger740
21Merveille753Brisbane LionsHawthornNorth Melbourne
22DanMinogue751Gold Coast
23tigertim751North Melbourne
24Billy24762Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
25DjJazzyPete762Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
26mainlandy762FremantleGold Coast
27MD Jazz762Western BulldogsNorth Melbourne
28toothless762MelbourneWestern Bulldogs
30tommystigers773MelbourneGold CoastNorth Melbourne
31marella jube771Brisbane Lions
32Midsy771North Melbourne
33tbartiger771West Coast
34Wisdom of the Crowd782Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
35Sammy Cougar780
36Tigers of Old793Gold CoastHawthornWest Coast
37craig791North Melbourne
38stripes17791Western bulldogs
39YinnarTiger791Gold Coast
40Quickdraw802Western BulldogsNorth Melbourne
43The Mole800
44Tiger Ghost800
45JoMamma811North Melbourne
46Letsroar811North Melbourne
47wayne811Gold Coast
48mrposhman822HawthornWest Coast
49TigerDog822MelbourneNorth Melbourne
51Ian4831GWS Giants
52Number8831West Coast
53year of the tiger831Fremantle
54MorrisMinor851North Melbourne
57Maneevo871Gold Coast
59gold1951Gold Coast
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Drama at the business end. @spook hits the front.
No surprise. Same guy that wants to move Balta forward. Clearly no idea when it comes to football. :D

Apprently he's a guru on womens football though!
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I insist on a recount! Clearly rigging going on here!I have contacted Donald for advice.
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It's JimJessTorp's turn to the lead the competition rising from 2nd to 1st on 69 points, 1 point in front of Mr.T. It seems to be a weekly fight for last between Gold1 and spook, with Gold1 one in front of spook for the wooden spoon.

Leaderboard after round 13

#PlayerPointsCorrectCorrect Teams
1JimJessTorp693FremantleGWS GiantsHawthorn
2Mr T.700
3The Big Richo722MelbourneNorth Melbourne
4eZyT733GeelongGWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
5tigers1980731Gold Coast
6tigerman742Brisbane LionsGold Coast
7Platinum Member753FremantleGold CoastNorth Melbourne
8DavidSSS751West Coast
9IanG762Gold CoastGWS Giants
10King Kong762FremantleNorth Melbourne
11MalenyTiger762GWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
12Mopsy762GWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
13RoarEmotion762Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
14Smoking Aces762FremantleNorth Melbourne
15Tigers54762Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
17tigertim771North Melbourne
18Total Tiger771Western Bulldogs
19Brodders17784MelbourneBrisbane LionsGold CoastNorth Melbourne
20Baloo782Gold CoastHawthorn
21DanMinogue782Gold CoastGWS Giants
22DjJazzyPete782Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
23Merveille793Brisbane LionsHawthornNorth Melbourne
24tommystigers793MelbourneGold CoastNorth Melbourne
25artball791North Melbourne
26Billy24802Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
27mainlandy802FremantleGold Coast
29marella jube811Brisbane Lions
30MD Jazz811North Melbourne
31Midsy811North Melbourne
32tbartiger811West Coast
34Wisdom of the Crowd822Gold CoastNorth Melbourne
36Sammy Cougar820
37TigerDog833MelbourneWestern BulldogsNorth Melbourne
38Tigers of Old833Gold CoastHawthornWest Coast
39craig831North Melbourne
40YinnarTiger831Gold Coast
41Quickdraw842GWS GiantsNorth Melbourne
42wayne842Gold CoastGWS Giants
46The Mole840
47Tiger Ghost840
48JoMamma851North Melbourne
49Letsroar851North Melbourne
50Number8851West Coast
51mrposhman862HawthornWest Coast
52MorrisMinor871North Melbourne
53year of the tiger871Fremantle
57Maneevo911Gold Coast
58YeOldeTiger931Western bulldogs
60gold1971Gold Coast
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No surprise. Same guy that wants to move Balta forward. Clearly no idea when it comes to football. :D

Apprently he's a guru on womens football though!
They call me the Norm Smith of the Northern Rivers. :cool:

R1: 9 available players, lost one in the second quarter to a dislocated finger, oppo had to give us 4 players just to get the minimum 12, lost by 66 points.
R2: Lost by 4
R3: Won by 20
R4: Had 5 available, forfeited
R5: Won by 24
R6: Won by 40. Kept the oppo scoreless.
R7: Played the team from R1 (undefeated on top), without our captain (and best player) and our gun Canadian CHB (ex-soccer goalie). Lost by 2 points. Kept them to one goal in perfect conditions.

We're The Mighty Ducks and I am a goddamn guru. I've got girls who couldn't kick two months ago kicking perfect 30m drop punts. We're running and overlapping through the middle. Best ball movement in the comp. Will win the flag if only I can get enough girls qualified to play finals (must play 7 games, what a joke).
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