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Sydney Stack


Tiger Legend
Apr 26, 2004
Given exit interviews have happened & he's still without a contract announcement I think this would carry weight unfortunately.
Be interesting to see how things pan out..
There was someone at the club informally stating he'd be given a 1 year contract. If he does get delisted, let's hope it doesn't turn out to be another Stengle-type case where we lose out.


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Apr 1, 2003
If he doesnt stay at the Tigers you can bet your bottom dollar he will be at the Pies next year. If he does go to Pies and turns it around ill spew up! Truth is if Sydney does move to another club i can see him having a good first year to prove a point and then will dissappear on tiktok duties
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It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
I've got a lot of love and compassion for Syd.
There's a lot of similarities to Syd's childhood to that of Tyson Stengel, who was raised by his grandmother.
Syd's childhood was a lot more unsettled than Tyson's, having lived with a brother(s)?, a sister an aunty..........?
I hope Syd is given another year, I think the penny may have started to drop. If he is given another year, that would indicate that the club thinks he's maturing too.
The club has investing a lot into him, Syd leaving and then reaching his potential at another club would be gut-wrenching, Tyson Stengel comes to mind.
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Sep 12, 2011
With our lack of picks this year, I don't think he will get cut, but he will need to come back for pre season in ripping nick if 2023 is not to be his last.
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Jul 24, 2004
Nah don't agree.

Any club would be looking at Stack's talent but then assessing whether they could actually tap into that talent and turn him into a regular AFL player. That is a major risk for any club given his back story and my feeling is that even if he was delisted the best he could hope for would be a rookie spot somewhere.
What crap.


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Nov 25, 2004
Be pretty crappy if he goes to another club and stars :(

Sometimes things don't work out at a particular club and it's best for both parties to make the change.

Given our strong record in development I'd be surprised if Stack does much better elsewhere. I guess Stengle is the exception, Schulz another although that was a while back.
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May 7, 2012
I thought Stack had a great second half of the the year in the VFL.

it would be a mistake not to give him another year.
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