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The Music Thread


You psychopathological reactionary!
Jul 1, 2004
5 years ago today since the mighty Chris Cornell from Soundgarden passed away.

From the first moment I heard this song on Badmotorfinger I thought he was the greatest rock voice I've ever heard.

Saw him do an acoustic set at the Palais about 6 months before he passed, was awesome, brilliant voice. Hard to reconcile that someone who seemed to have everything going for him had so many internal demons. I wanted to be him.

Audioslave were awesome, Chris from Soundgarden and Tom, Tim and Brad from Rage Against The Machine. Pure rock, only guitars, bass, drums, and vocals were used to create their sound.

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Apr 26, 2004
Back when Musicians controlled their own music.
Beside which Kate Bush is awesome. Good to see the kids falling in love with her too through Stranger Things.

Kate Bush is laughing. Her 37 year old song is now number 1. She didn't like lending her songs until this. It's like finding an old Div 1 winning Tatts ticket hidden under the carpet for 20 years.

Hey, Gen Z and Millennials, this is our song!! GEN X!! :))
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