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Tom Mitchell

No 4

I did what I did for the Tigers - Bridget
Feb 11, 2005
They won 4 Premierships with their strategy. They picked up Gibson, Lake, Burgoyne, Frawley & McEvoy who were all vital to their success. They wouldn't regret any of their trades apart from Wingard who is talented but a flog.
Yes but they still had the core group lead by Hodge & co. Those players were top ups to assist them. but from 2015 to now (7 years of picking, lucky if they have 10 players still on their books from the early picks), they have plenty of used by date players from later picks.


Super Tiger
Apr 20, 2004
Sydney flag 2012. Mitchell plays for them 2013-2016.
Hawthorn flags 2013-14-15. Mitchell plays for them 2017-2021.
Richmond flags 2017-19-20. Mitchell plays for them 2022-? ???.

Tom Mitchell ... escorting teams out of their premiership windows?

Tom, the trick is to pick who's going to win the NEXT few flags, not the last few.
Ask Dion, Josh and Toby.

Looking at it objectively, if I was a player entering the twilight of my career, Richmond would not be high on my list right now.
So you’re say the AFL is planting Mitchell as the mole into a club to bring it down from the inside?
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Bullarto Tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 17, 2012
Can't imagine there would be any interest in Mitchell from RFC.
He's not the sort of player the Tigers require.
Pretty one-dimensional from what I have observed.
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